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1, Select product
A, You can write the bearing number you need in the search blank on the home page to search directly
B, You also can find the product you need in the product list type by type.
C, If you can not find the product you need, you can contact with us directly.

2, Put the product in shopping basket
When you find the product you need, you can select the quantity and put it into shopping basket.
If you have other product required, please continue to select and then put into shopping basket.

3, Order confirmation
When you select all the product you need, and put them into shopping basket. You can check your shopping basket, select the transportation way you would like(about the shipping term details, you can read on “packing&transportation”). And you need to contact with us to check the goods status and the transportation cost. If you can not find anyone online, you can email us or just leave a message. Then you can get all the cost for your order.

4, Payment
You can use Paypal to do the payment to us. If you do not have Paypal account, it is easy to register it on the website.
If the order with large amount, we suggest you to use TT to our company account.

5, Shipment
After your payment, we may prepare the goods and ship to you in time, and give you the tracking number.

6, Receiving goods and after-sale service
When you receive the goods, please inform us, we will arrange someone specially for your after-sale service.

This is all for a simple and pleasant shopping in RTR Bearing Store.
Believe you will enjoy it!