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Consumption points
For all our members, when you buy the bearings in our store and then you get the points.
These points can be used to exchange to some gift, also can be used to exchange to money to use in your next order. When your points reach some amount and you may get discount in your following orders.
How to get points?
When you buying the bearings successfully, meanwhile you the points. 1USD=1point
For example your order amount is 5000usd, then you get 5000points.
If you want to use points to exchange to money, how to change?
For example, you have 5000points, then in your next order, this can be used as 50usd.
If you want to used points to exchange to gift, how to change?
We may have a list of gift, which you can see how many points can exchange to which gift.
Then tell us and we will send you the gift and minus your points.
About member grade to get discount as below form

Member Grade
Points Needed
0-50000 points
no discount
50000-100000 points
2% discount
100000-200000 points
5% discount
200000-500000 points
7% discount
500000-1000000 points
10% discount

For the problem you still have about the points, please contact with us.
Order checking
After you placed order to us, you can clearly to see the order status in time.
Normally we have five steps on the checking
1-      waiting for confirming the order
This means you already placed order and we need to check the product and confirm the ship cost to you
2-      waiting for payment
After we confirming the order, need you to pay the cost including the goods cost and shipping cost
3-      waiting for shipping
After you paying the cost, we will arrange shipment accordingly, that may need some time.
Normally if goods in stock, time will be in 1 week to package and ship.
4-      Shipped by TNT/AIR/SEA
This means we already shipped the goods, and we may give you the checking number for your following the goods trace.
5-      Receiving goods
When you received the goods with no problem, we may update the status.
We have many discount plan if you have continued order in our store and also if you buy big amount one time.
1, You can check our consumption points page to learn a lot about the discount got from points.
2, We have different discount plan in different time, so please register as our member and then if have discount plan, we may send you the email about it.
3, Every month we may let one type product as discount product, so if you have interest in our product, please offen visit our website to get immediate information.
4, when your order reach some amount we may give you discount along with your order.
Please check the below form for details

order amount
5% discount
more than 100000usd
10% discount